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introduction of several steps to clean the washing machine: 1, the washing machine drain pipe on an empty bucket (to a certain height), close the inlet valve and the front door. 2, the amount of water in the three kettles descaler (commercially available) poured in an empty container, according to the ratio of detergent / water = 1/2 ratio and stir well. 3, open the "detergent box", the mixed detergent

solution from the detergent box to add, be careful not to spill on the skin. 4, press the washing machine power switch, the program is set to the "laundry program" (the longest time choice), so that the drum rotation; until the descaling fluid discharged from the drain pipe to the bucket, and then sent the descaling solution Add from the detergent box, so repeated several times, until the program is

running, open the filter to clean the filter. 5, the machine is running is completed, the inlet valve open, the drain back to its original position. Re-select the laundry program, the washing machine to run again until the program is running, the filter again. At this point, cleaning cleaning is completed. After the descaling is finished, the surface of the drum of the washing machine will be slightly darker

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