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leather floor to ensure the quality of the level. If the quality of the floor leather can not be guaranteed, the moisture in the bathroom will get worse, not only causing the bathroom to get wet, but also the quality of the walls will be affected. Third, the bathroom floor leather flooring process 1, measuring the size of the toilet space, and then trim the floor leather, but the width of the crop to be slightly larger. 2, before

laying, we should clean the toilet again, do not leave dirty, rubbish, to ensure that the ground clean, and then use a professional adhesive floor leather. 3, when laying the floor leather, be sure to clean the bathroom floor, or once the laying of floor leather, it will be very easy to stick, floor leather is also extremely broken. Need constant maintenance, repair, not only no longer beautiful, cost a lot of money.

Bathroom floor tiles need to consider factors 1, a waterproof effect, and wear resistance is also very good, you can also choose a very beautiful pattern style. 2, laminated airtight, easily wet under. 3, not good to clean, easy to dirt and dirt between the waterproof leather and the floor. Conclusion: The role of the bathroom floor leather and pavement process Everyone introduced here, I hope for your help.

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