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Choose good materials, do a good job paving process, this is not done on the end? We can never forget that maintenance is after construction, construction protection is necessary to avoid shirk, then how to do after construction maintenance ?

After paving the most important thing is to protect the floor must be covered with paper, to avoid the construction of foreign objects or paint drop to the floor. 48 hours in the floor after the end of the shop (usually the period of time to become the floor of the health period), to avoid walking on the floor often and place heavy objects, so as to give the floor adhesive firm enough time to allow the floor to dry naturally . The paved floor will be natural and durable.

After the wooden floor paving do not hurry to open the window ventilation or air conditioning hair, so not only can not speed up the glue dry, but let the floor becomes dry and fragile. Therefore, the floor must have a period of time to adapt to indoor temperature and humidity. For the floor cleaning, just paved the best floor with a vacuum cleaner or broom cleaning, keep the floor dry, use clean cotton mop to wring, avoid using a damp cloth.

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