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of labor within the cluster to make it more efficient and adapt to the competition law in the new situation, thereby reducing the overall business costs of the cluster; Third, encourage enterprises to promote the coverage system , Organization, management,water proof wood for sale uk research and development and marketing innovation, so that new materials, new technologies, new processes, new products in the cluster to quickly promote, apply, transfer and diffusion; Fourth, encourage enterprises to introduce or adopt international advanced equipment , Technology and standards, so that a solid foundation for industrial upgrading; Fifth, efforts to improve the quality of industry practitioners, the focus is to foster a group of strong

market forces, keen insight into the industry and a certain degree of resource integration of outstanding entrepreneurs Team. Third, to enhance the industrial image, shape the core cluster cluster characteristics of the business depends on the brand value of the reputation, reputation, pvc picket fence irelandin order to fully reflect the horizontal Lin floor characteristics of the industry, industry positioning and competitive advantage, the town party committee and government will be the existing 'China strengthened wood Floor capital 'and' national high-quality

laminate flooring production demonstration zone 'and other honors, to further create a' national Ministry of Science and Technology Torch Program Changzhou floor industrial base 'and other cluster brands, so that the majority of SMEs can share the premium effect of the cluster. At the same time, we will also speed up the construction of the second phase of Henglin International Flooring City and guide and support the enterprises to cooperate with tertiary institutions and scientific research institutes to speed up the construction of

Provincial Wood Products R u0026 D Center, Provincial Floor Quality Inspection Center and Postdoctoral Workstations. All in all,interlocking wood ceiling industrial agglomeration has also become an important way for China's current economic growth and regional development. Accelerating the development of clusters and building industrial advantages are inevitable choices for enhancing the economic development level of Yulin Forest and also an important starting point for 'comprehensively promoting modernization and building a harmonious new




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