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After the floor is paved, it can not be checked in immediately. Generally, it is recommended to move in timely after 24 hours to 7 days after paving. If not staying in time, please keep the circulation of indoor air and check and maintain regularly.

After the floor finish, within 48 hours (usually this period of time to become the floor of the health period), to avoid walking on the floor often and place heavy objects, so as to give the floor glue firm enough to allow sufficient time for the floor to dry naturally After moving into the home.

Shop after the end of the indoor environment requirements, mainly humidity, the floor is afraid of fear of damp, so when the indoor humidity �� 40%, should take humidification measures, indoor humidity �� 80%, how to save more money decoration , Free design budget quotes. Should be ventilated wet; to 50% �� relative humidity �� 65% for the best. At the same time to prevent long-term exposure to the sun.

Just paving the floor must be covered with a piece of paper, to avoid the construction of foreign objects or paint drop to the floor. In the door, kitchen, bathroom, balcony mouth mats to avoid water stains, gravel damage to the floor. However, it should be noted that long-term coverage with impermeable materials should not be used. Solid wood and parquet, please use a special floor wax or wood oil care, maintenance.

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