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The structure is detailed and uniform, and the structure is a tropical porous material. The difference between the early and late materials is very small, and the wood ray is very fine. Compared with other species of the genus Rubiaceae, the wood density, the compressive strength along the grain, the bending strength, The flexural modulus of 2-3 ft high outdoor plastic fence North America elasticity is high, and after drying slowly, the difference in dryness is reduced. It is not easy to produce warping deformation and cracking. It is very suitable for solid wood furniture and floors.

In the Yangtze floor selection library, Carlowood is an excellent raw material that is extremely suitable for bearing floors. Yangzi floor has rich experience in the manufacture of Carlowood, and it is one of the few companies in the industry that can perform targeted internal stress drying according to the properties of Carlowood. The advanced ultra-low pressure vacuum grade drying technology garden fence panel is used to secondaryly dry Caroline, so that the moisture inside the slab and the surface are slowly distilled out. It is not only dry but also conforms to the large shrinkage of Caroline, small difference in drying shrinkage, and it is suitable for slow drying.

Maintaining the characteristics of stable materials, ensuring the adaptability of Carlowood to the environment, and preventing dry and wet changes in various climates, bringing more stable, more beautiful and more reliable solid wood to the family with paved Carol flooring. Floor home life. In the surface treatment, Luomu pure solid wood floor composite post used for car parts uk is a noble and elegant interior of rare and pure wood, and it is artistically intrinsic.

After the masterpieces of the masters of craftsmanship, they are handcrafted, considered, considered, embossed, and scraped. Let each piece of Carlo's solid wood flooring have a non-replicable texture, and the sense of relief and touch of hand-carved ancient arts and sculptures are entirely contained in the living space. Pure solid wood flooring, in addition to good wood properties, internal and external repairs, also has a unique anion lacquer layer - the use of high-tech technology processing and purification of multi-element natural mineral raw materials, blended into the paint, paint the floor in addition to its own sustainable decks made of plastic wood release of negative ions In addition, it also has the function of purifying air, adsorbing and decomposing toxic gases.




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