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   Solid wood flooring and laminate flooring [11/07/18 03:29PM]   
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Solid wood flooring has been officially completed and put into operation in the Asia-Pacific region's largest solid wood flooring production line, which has been meticulously built with 80 million megabytes of capital. It integrates the latest production technologies and management models in the flooring industry. Formally introduced to the market is not afraid of grinding, scratch-resistant, waterproof invasion, anti-deformation, net stains five unique new features in one all-round the king of solid wood flooring, as the 2011 China's floor industry's best-selling star products.

Solid wood flooring people developed the country's first snap-proof moisture-resistant deformation drilling solid wood flooring, and registered patents. Solid wood floor people in the industry introduced the first wear-resistant crystal surface solid wood flooring. Solid wood floor people introduced a new type of multi-layer solid wood composite floor. Solid wood flooring introduced the first piece of relief solid wood flooring throughout the country, providing a comprehensive supply of overseas markets. The solid wood flooring developed a new process that combines the water-based primer technology and the crystal surface super wear-resistant coating technology, triggering the third revolution of the solid wood floor covering.

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