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   The difference between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring [12/07/18 06:07PM]   
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There are many kinds of trees available for solid wood flooring. There are precious rosewood and teak; in general, there are eucalyptus wood, eucalyptus wood, manchurian ash, and Gan croton bean; there are inexpensive pine and pine woods, and the price difference is very large. When choosing solid wood flooring, try to pick the tree species with slower growth rate. This kind of wood has strong stability and is more durable. It can avoid scooping, twisting, bending, cracking, arching and ringing during long-term use of wood flooring.

In addition, when purchasing solid wood flooring, it is necessary to carefully inspect the floor for defects such as insect eyes, cracks, rot, dead knots and other wood defects. For small living quarters, the color difference can not be too demanding, which is the natural property of wood. As for the natural texture of wood, most of them are chord sections (in the direction of the main axis of the trunk or the wood grain), and a few are in the radial section (in the direction of the long axis of the trunk). They can be purchased according to personal preferences.

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